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BIOCORIN -New biocoating for inhibition of corrosion in metal surface

 Start Date: 1ST March 2012 - Duration: 42

Call identifier: FP7-ENV.2011.3.1.39-1 ECO-INNOVATION

Grant Agreement No:282881

Project Coordinator : ACCIONA

On Evidence

 Avalible in the Download Area the  Workshop Presentation

The context

Corrosion is the primary means by which metals deteriorate. Most metals corrode on contact with water (and moisture in the air), acids, bases, salts, oils, aggressive metal polishes, and other solid and liquid chemicals. The economical losses due to the corrosion of infrastructures and equipments worldwide are immense.
Actually, according to the World Corrosion Organization, the annual direct cost of corrosion estimated worldwide exceeds €1.32 trillion, which means approximately between 3 to 4% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of industrialized countries.

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The innovative solution

BIOCORIN project aims to develop a green alternative to the coatings and solutions used up to date for MIC corrosion protection and prevention in infrastructures. As the concept of the project is the identification of anti-fouling microorganisms , their later integration in a sol-gel coating and finally the monitoring of the coating performance, latest technologies, solutions and methods related to those fields will be analysed 

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