WP 6

WP6-Business models and exploitation

The main objectives of WP6 are the following:
·To analyze all products that competes directly with BIOCORIN technology by a Global Competition Monitoring and Analysis Map. Continuous global monitoring studies of market dynamics with emphasis on all competitors PEST Analysis.
·To construct the Comparative Global Technology Analysis and Intellectual Property (IP) evaluation. Methodology and strategy for a proper management of the generated knowledge and IPR protection.
·Business development models based on market growth forecasting. Development of business development based on project's feasibility results supported by Product Market share potential determination via global market growth potential forecasting.
·Product commercialization strategies. Elaboration of an exploitation plan with the aim of identifying new business lines or business opportunities that may be created by the project results.
·Assessment of the socio-economic and environmental impact of the knowledge and technologies generated and the factors that influence their exploitation (standardization, legal issues, health issues).


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